Just how important are headlines for Google Search Ads?   Consider this.  29.8 billion ads are shown on Google every day. YES 29,741,270,774 ads are shown on Google EVERY DAY! Source. But guess how many of those get clicked on? 237 Million. ONLY 237,914,225. That means a paltry 0.80% ads get clicked on. Not exactly a […]

A client asked me recently about the differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. But ultimately, they wanted to know which platform is going to return the most money. It’s a question I get asked a lot from business owners wanting to profitably advertise online. This will depend on the type of product or service […]

I wouldn’t call myself a Hollywood film buff. And I don’t follow the Instagram feeds of any movie stars.  But there is one star who I do (secretly) admire. Tom Hanks. Sure, he doesn’t have the sophisticated good-looks of George Clooney. The action-movie physique of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The suave, bond-esque-style of Sean Connery. […]

What Adam Schwab of DEALS Told Me About The Future of Business and Why People Still Matter in 2021 Sometimes it feels like technology has already taken over. There’s always a new strategy or automated software that’s going to “revolutionise business”. Naturally, you’re afraid to miss out, because if you don’t stay up to date […]

So you’ve just decided to start an eCommerce business. In a few months, you’re going to be rolling in the cash right? WRONG. The only people who think building an eCommerce business is easy, are the ones that haven’t tried yet. Those who have, know how hard it is. It takes grit, determination and resilience […]

Why focusing on small improvements can lead to greater-than-expected growth “From Little Things, Big Things Grow” – Paul Kelly, (see the end of this post for a treat) We recently ran a test for a client who offers a particular urgent service Australia. Here was the situation before we got involved: They were generating quality […]

The sun is about to set for broad match modifier Google announced on Feb 4th, 2021, that phrase match keywords will expand to include a wider variety of searches with seemingly similar intent, and at the same time they will phase out support for the broad match modifier keyword. The changes are due to start […]

  [Spoiler alert! If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t!]   There’s a very sneaky marketing tactic that some companies of less repute use, in trying to get people to sign up and use their services. Their sales pitch is, “We can get you unlimited ad clicks for a fixed fee, […]

We’re big fans of email marketing here at Digital Autopilot. But doing email marketing the wrong way could kill a valuable contact list and even turn off your most loyal customers. Most businesses are…to be frank….lazy when it comes to email marketing. For some reason, they’re happy to put all their resources into social media […]

Joel: Hello, everyone. Hope you’re coping all right during this new phase of stage 4 lockdowns in Victoria, as well as others around Australia who are facing the impact of the current pandemic. Raph and I thought that it’s worthwhile sharing with you some insights and strategies that we’ve seen work well for some of […]

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