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Are there any discounts?

Yes. Although we have no lock in contracts, we generally advise a minimum of 3 months of active management of any account to ensure we’re smashing targets. In saying that, as a return gesture of your commitment, we are willing to offer 5% off for 3 month plans, 10% off for 6 month plans and 20% off for one-year plans – this is equivalent to getting more than two months management for free. Contact us to find out how.

What is the minimum amount I can spend in Ad budget?

You can spend as much or as little as you want. Budget is calculated on the daily amount you wish to allocate to attracting visits (clicks) to your site. However depending on your industry and business goals a minimum budget is usually suggested aimed at gaining results. We usually work with clients who have at least budgets of $1,800 for clicks, but in most cases, clients spending $5,000+ are seeing the best results for their investment.

Will I see how much I am spending with clicks for my Google Ads?

Certainly. Our approach is fully transparent, which means you will see exactly how much you are spending on all elements of your campaign. How else can you make data-based, objective decisions for your business. Your accountant would expect nothing less. We don’t hide any figures from you, giving you full access and ownership to your advertising asset.

Do you take commission on what is spent in advertising?

Definitely not. We believe in a flat, transparent fee-management model, so you know exactly where your money is going and what the expected delivery should be. Some other agencies charge anywhere between 10%-20% on your Adwords spend. Therefore if the agency advises an increase in spend to improve the performance of your campaign, it may be biased advice because they are also increasing their own bottom line. Also, shouldn’t an agency be trying to find ways to make your advertising more profitable or cost-effective, rather than just spending more?

What if I decide to cancel?

No problem! If you no longer wish to partner with Digital Autopilot services, you can cancel at any time, as long as you provide 30 days written notice. If you signed up for a longer period along with a discount, you will receive a pro-rated refund, minus the discount offered (if applicable).

Why should I go with Digital Autopilot for AdWords management over another agency?

Check out our Principles page for more info. But in a nutshell, transparent, performance, integrity & practical.

Behind the Scenes: Campaign Management

How often will you be going in into my campaign and optimising it?

Our utmost priority is that your business is getting value through real results – however that may be determined. Your campaign will be monitored closely and optimised where it matters most. Some months your campaign will have more time spent on it and at other times it may have less. We do not judge the success of a campaign by how much time is spent tweaking different elements just for the fun of it, it is judged on business performance, pure and simple.

What if I need to pause the campaign for short periods of time?

We understand that circumstances can change and your business needs to be flexible. So with any unexpected changes, as long as you give sufficient notice, ads can be paused as and when required. If this is required on a consistent basis, e.g. certain days of every week or month, please make this known at the outset so we can customise an ad schedule for you.

How can I view if my ads are working?

In order to see how your ad appears, it’s best not to search as a user would, for a couple of reasons:

  1. This will affect the performance statistics of your campaign, and
  2. your ads are most likely not be served 100% of the time they could potentially appear, as ads are rotated between advertisers based on the level of ad spend and ad quality and ad performance history.

To check how your ad looks, use your AdWords log in details and go to Tools in the top menu, then select Ad Preview and Diagnosis. once on that page make sure you enter the correct location settings and the device, then enter one of your main keywords. Your ad should be showing as long as there are not any other constraints such as budget, ad scheduling etc.

Will I receive a report about the campaign performance?

Absolutely! We’ll work out a regular report plan for you showing key statistics about the performance of your campaign. Most schedules occur within the first 14 days of each month and will review the previous months performance.

How often will I be receiving calls from Digital Autopilot?

Our aim is to have clear communication with all of our clients. Conversation frequency will generally be more frequent in early phases of a new management campaign as we learn more about the product, market, business and the like and how it interacts within the general PPC environment. You know your business best, which means we certainly appreciate when clients keep us in the loop of their business and marketing plans, otherwise we can often be caught behind the 8-ball if we are told at the last minute of significant changes.

I am not getting many enquiries or sales, is there something wrong with my ads?

The goal of any PPC campaign (Google Ads, Facebook, Shopping Ads etc) is to attract targeted traffic to your site or to a lesser extent brand recognition and visibility. In the former, whether a visitor then makes an enquiry immediately or at a later stage will depend on a range of factors, such as the site experience and how compelling the offer is, the stage of the decision-making process the potential client is at and other environmental factors. It is for this and other reasons why we believe it is vital to have targeted and dedicated landing pages to achieve the best results in an AdWords campaign. We also offer landing page design services to compliment and enhance your advertising, which can dramatically improve your ad performance without increasing advertising spend.

We donate at least 10% of all our profits to various non-profits and charitable organisations locally and abroad aimed at improving lives for people and the the world in general.

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