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Often, one of the first questions we get asked at Digital Autopilot when engaging with a potential client, is “what do you charge for [insert your desired digital marketing strategy]?”

Now if we sold ice creams in cones then it would be easy to answer the question. But that is not the case in the digital marketing world, despite the fact that many digital marketing companies display their pricing on their website. 

When we talk with potential clients, we see that each business situation is different, with varying types of capabilities, objectives, time frames and more. 

Because of the highly personalised and customised nature of the strategies we advise to our clients, we do not have an off-the-shelf pricing model. 

Our pricing, is based on the following principles:

Our pricing is influenced by a number of factors, such as:

We hope the above is seen as another way that we at Digital Autopilot aim to provide you with transparent advice and a sense of confidence that we can help your business grow and achieve its goals.

To speak with one our team members, get in touch with us here.

We donate at least 10% of all our profits to various non-profits and charitable organisations locally and abroad aimed at improving lives for people and the the world in general.

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