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If you’ve been online at all in the past month you’ve probably seen the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial at some point. Or if you’re like me it’s dominated your Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/*Choose Your SM Poison feed*. But What Can This Trial Teach Us? In my opinion there’s a lot you can learn from this […]

In this episode of Radically Honest Marketing you’re going to learn 3 principles to keep in mind when you’re running a new Google Ads Campaign for a new product or service or your very first campaign on google. These principles, while relating to Google Ads in this video, could also apply to other paid media […]

Systems and processes are an integral part of our business. Without them, chaos ensues and we wouldn’t be able to deliver quality service and results. Not only that but cognitive overload and stress levels would go through the roof! In this episode of Radically Honest Marketing you’re going to learn exactly how we build systems […]

In this video you’re going to learn exactly how to build systems (not goals) that will increase your chances of successfully establishing a new habit.  Episode Highlights We’re big fans of Atomic Habits by James Clear. And one of the key takeaways is it’s not enough to set an intention to build a habit. You […]

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 criteria we have identified that help clients determine whether a market is worth entering or expanding into and shows signs of profitability, at least from what we can see from a Google Ads management perspective (but this is also a strong indicator as to […]

We often get asked by our clients, “what’s the best process to manage negative google reviews, can we remove it?” I want to mainly focus on handling seemingly legitimate reviews rather than removing reviews you just don’t like the sound of. But to address that point quickly, to flag and potentially remove negative reviews in […]

Let’s start with a rhetorical question: Which website would you click on when searching on Google – one with 47 x 5 star reviews or one with no reviews? You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to know that increasing positive Google Reviews is a very powerful strategy to increase leads to your […]

Depending on when you were born you may or may not know of a movie called Coming to America featuring Eddie Murphy, where a prince from an imaginary African country called Zamunda sets out to find his humble future bride from working-class America. There’s one line from the movie that comes back to me a […]

Most people love to hunt for a bargain or have a shop around or just to engage in a hallowed Australian past time of tyre kicking, whether it for the latest little gadget or vital service needed. As a service provider in the Google Ads/PPC space, it’s not irregular where we chat with potential clients, […]

Over the summer break (in an undisclosed location of Australia) I came across a simple yet profound story in a book I read to my kids which has no less potential to impact our working, adult lives. Enjoy with a cup of joe! Our story takes place in a big kitchen with the chef singing […]

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