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There are many programs out there for kids to help them with their personal, physical, mental challenges.

Geerz is different!

Geerz teaches youth (boys and girls) empowerment – without medication, without critique, without humiliation through weekly mountain bike rides.

Kids have very fine-tuned senses and they feel that teachers are overwhelmed, parents are frustrated and this rubs off. Geerz has demonstrated over the last 10 years that learning to mountain bike boosts a child’s self-esteem with a healthy, constructive release and the realization that he or she has the power to create a path to confidence and achievement.

How does Geerz do it?

The Geerz program is a weekly after-school program in session for 10 months during the academic year. Each 90-minute session includes a trail ride and skills training (riding skills, mechanical skills, bike safety, and etiquette) and a structured, professional-designed session, focused on grappling with life’s challenges.

On each ride, a different struggle is defined, explored and discussed. The curriculum is structured to progressively cover a wide variety of issues, which our riders identify with at their own pace and level of severity.

There is a huge need for this form of outdoor, adventure therapy, which does not confine kids to sessions in a small room, in a chair. It’s getting them in the outdoors, with fresh air, exercising and sharing experiences with other kids and trained counsellors.

The Digital Autopilot team are proud supporters of this unique, life-changing organisation focused on developing, in a healthy way, future leaders of families, communities and organisations. 

We donate at least 10% of all our profits to various non-profits and charitable organisations locally and abroad aimed at improving lives for people and the the world in general.

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