If you want to increase sales from your ecommerce website, it all starts with understanding the buying journey of your ideal customer and the different stages they go through before making an online purchase. If you don’t understand this, you can’t properly optimise your website for maximum conversions and you’ll be leaving a lot of […]

In today’s mini-workshop taken from the Ecommerce Growth Engine course, we’re going to be exploring brand strategy. Hopefully you’ve already defined your target market, and you’ve developed a business differentiation strategy. If you have, you’re already ahead of most ecommerce businesses. But now it’s time to take your strategic direction to another level by developing […]

If you don’t stand out from your competitors in some meaningful way, your business won’t survive for long. In this video taken from the Ecommerce Growth Engine, Learn why having a business differentiation strategy is so important, and a step-by-step approach to creating your own unique value proposition.  **Templates Mentioned in Video** Growth Plan: […]

Welcome to the 3rd episode in our series on Discovery and Focus. By now, you should have set some growth goals for your ecommerce business and assessed your current reality. The next step is to work out exactly where to focus your energies to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you […]

Not sure where you’re at in your eCommerce business? Not sure what your profit margin is? In this video, co-founder of Digital Autopilot Joel Gerschman walks you through 2 templates designed to help you understand how your business has performed in the last 12 months.  💰 If you’re interested in learning how to grow […]

It’s always surprising how many ecommerce business owners are “winging it”. The fact is, high performing operators don’t wing it. They set goals. They set KPIs. They set targets. And then they aggressively go after those targets with a plan and a lot of action. That’s what this video is about. It’s about why every […]

Not quite clear on who your target customers are? In this video Joel Gerschman walks you through the 4-Step Niche Matrix worksheet which will help you clearly define your most profitable target markets.  Download the Ecommerce Customer Niche Matrix template here.Watch Part 1 of Your Target Market taken from the eCommerce Growth Engine course […]

This video is from our eCommerce growth engine course on how to drive more traffic conversions and profit from your eCommerce business. To access the full course, click here. Hi and welcome to module two strategic direction. Now you’ve set some ambitious but realistic growth goals for your business, but how will you achieve those […]

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