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Raphael Sebbag

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Update: Google has partially fixed this issue, see latest post here.

As any digital manager (for AdWords in particular understands), being able to present an AdWords account/campaign in a simple and aesthetic manner is important.

Unfortunately one of the current short comings of the latest AdWords Editor Version 11 is that you can no longer export a preview of the campaign in HTML format. If you are frustrated by this, you are not alone, see more about Google’s official position here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/editor/answer/6080641?hl=en.

Currently, you can share the AdWords editor account with the client, who also needs AdWords Editor, but this is a little cumbersome as clients may not feel comfortable using the software. Also its human nature to reject change, but this is a constant when working with Google so closely (maybe a topic of discussion for another time…)

So although there is no immediate solution in AE 11.0 until the developers sort it out or prioritise it, there is a hack.

Fortunately a temporary solution was shared by an experienced PPC account manager, Trishan Naidoo in an AdWords forum. So I want to share that here with you now.

Here are the steps:

  1. In AdWords Editor 11, export the whole account as a CSV file (Account>Export).
  2. Open the old AdWords Editor (if you are still lucky enough to have it) and import the CSV file into a draft account that you have created.
  3. You may get some errors if it is trying to import some other features, but on the whole you should be able to get the basics through.
  4. Then simply export the account/campaign in HTML as per usual.

Voila! Now you can go back to old habits and present your hard work (campaigns) to your clients that’s easy to understand.

Any other tips on how to go about this, feel free to drop us a line to share it.

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