HTML export campaigns is back in AdWords Editor 11

Raphael Sebbag

There have been many requests and discussions about how to get around the lack of HTML export in Editor version 11.

A small hack to get around this was shared in an earlier blog here.

Fortunately Google has finally re-awakened the HTML export functionality  in its latest update to AdWords Editor. The new output is visually more advanced and quite smooth with some dynamic functionality.

Here’s a how you go about it:

Download the latest version of AdWords Editor

Create a new or use existing campaign within an account and change status to draft from the status drop down on the bottom right hand side of the window.

Go to Account in the top level menu, select Export and click on Export Selected Campaigns and Ad Groups… OR Right click on the campaign from the left hand side campaign window and select Export Selected Campaigns and Ad Groups

Tick the box for the new draft campaign and hit OK to confirm your selection

Save selected adwords campaign screenshot

Select location to save and from save as type drop down select HTML Files.

Save as type screenshot

Your HTML preview is now ready for viewing.

HTML draft preview screenshot

I hope this has helped someone out there in getting a preview out to your prospective decision maker(s).

What do you think of the new process?

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