What is… Google Tag Manager, basically?

Raphael Sebbag

Google Tag Manager Explainer

I recently completed (and passed) the Google Tag Manager (GTM) Fundamentals Course, so thought I might share a little bit about it from a basic perspective…

What is it?

It’s a container (piece) of code that you put into the code of your website. The container is named as such, because it is able to contain many other tracking codes within it (Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook and other third party site/app codes)

Why does it exist?

Well some may say it’s another way that Google is dominating, but… With the amount of tracking and tagging abilities with online marketing portals these days it is definitely a more efficient way for marketers and agencies to manage and monitor campaign activity. Rather than having numerous codes set up on different pages, containing different rules and so forth, GTM is placed once on the site/app on all pages.

How does it help?

Simply because it means that you can place one piece of code on your site and then manage it all from the Google Tag Manager portal and you don’t have to keep going back to developers to update/add code snippets to your site. It should also make your site run a little more smoothly, especially if there are lots of tags to implement and manage.

How can it be used?

Even for very simple campaigns it can help you to contain Google Analytics, Google Ads conversion tracking and Re-marketing and possibly some Facebook tags. At the more advanced end, it can help to pass on sophisticated user-defined variables from website or app activity.

Want to find out more?

Google “Google Tag Manager” and you will no doubt arrive at the right place.

I hope you found this helpful to get a very, very basic overview of Google’s Tag Manager. Thanks for tagging along.

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