If Your Brand Was A Hollywood Actor… Part 1

Joel Gerschman

Traditional bricks and mortar retail has felt the pinch since the onset of the pandemic while digital sales have gone through the roof. So maybe it’s time to ask yourself how your own e-commerce strategy is varying from your competition.

For those of us who found ourselves homebound for much of 2020, shopping at the click of a button became almost too comfortable. So more important than ever is how to differentiate your own business from the others online to help us.

Chris Ashmore from Business Essentials Daily asks Joel Gershman co-founder of Melbourne Based Marketing Agency Digital Autopilot and CEO of The Change Coach how to do this. An important step he says is by being very clear about who you are and what you stand for. And it might just help if you channel the personality of a Hollywood actor. So what does that mean?

In part 1 of this interview Joel explains and says there are three core drivers when it comes to growing revenue.


  • That branding is much more than your logo and website
  • The three biggest levers for growing revenue in any business and why you should be improving all three
  • How to differentiate your company from others in the industry
  • Brand archetypes and how to build a deep connection with your customers
  • Which famous companies have the strongest brand archetypes and why

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