Free e-Commerce Google Data Studio Shopping Ads Dashboard

Raphael Sebbag

So you’ve come looking for the best Data Studio E-Commerce dashboard? Well good, because what I have for you is a FREE dashboard (no strings attached) that you can use to impress your boss, shareholders, investors etc and help you understand how your Google Ads shopping campaigns are impacting the bottom line.

I’ll run you through how to link your data in three simple steps.

Step 1: Open The DashboardCreate a Copy

Open up the dashboard here, because the dashboard has not been linked to data it will look virtually empty.

Click the button as shown below and create a copy of the report. Make sure you are signed into your Google account.
Also, ensure it is the same one you use for Google Ads so that you can link the data
Copy report screenshot


Step 2: Add Your Data To The Report

Select the data you would like to add to the report
If you have no Google Ads data in Data Studio, select “create new data source” and follow the steps there.

New data source screenshot


Step 3: Congratulations!

You now have a fully functional awesome dashboard you can use to analyse your account and impress your boss

It should look something like this:

Google data studio snapshot

Need help?

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