Ad Budget Approaches For The Holidays

Raphael Sebbag

With vacation and holidays upon us at any moment, or for some of us maybe already (at least in thought), here are some simple budget change approaches you might want to use to get better value from your AdWords or any other PPC campaign you may be running.

Increase budgets around sales days

This will suit mostly retail centric campaigns. If possible look at previous years’ data to determine budgetary levels.

Leave budget as is

Basically this might be used by retail or even service centric markets to make sure that you are still being found when people are searching for your products or services. You need to ensure that you will have staff to attend calls/enquiries/sales or at least some form of message service.

Reduce Budget

Although you may be shutting down for a couple of weeks or going down to skeletal staff, you still want to be visible whenever people are researching your industry and hopefully reduce potential for them to go to your competitor.

Pause campaign altogether

This is more appropriate if you know for sure that you either cannot handle any activity or the market is really flat.


You may want to pause or reduce budget for some campaigns but leave other campaigns active as per normal due to low cost or for branding, for example remarketing or display campaigns. 

All in all:

  • use common sense
  • think about the customer/searcher behaviour
  • if others are stopping ads altogether during this period, how can you take advantage if the lull of advertisers?

Hope you enjoy a well earned break and use the down time to switch off, unwind and come back fresher for a year of more success.

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