Have you been involved with the building of your website and engaged a web developer to realise your vision, but only later finding out some basic elements were missed out or not even discussed? Below I am going to discuss a few elements that cover off some practical and business focused tips. Hopefully these suggestions will help you think about […]

I recently completed (and passed) the Google Tag Manager (GTM) Fundamentals Course, so thought I might share a little bit about it from a basic perspective… What is it? It’s a container (piece) of code that you put into the code of your website. The container is named as such, because it is able to […]

Let’s be honest, creating and analysing reports can be boring for many people and even if you enjoy it we all have clients or colleagues who just can’t stand it. But that may be about to change. You may know about it or you may not but Google recently introduced a new free reporting tool […]

5 Free AdWords Secrets You Should Be Using That Many Of Your Competitors Are Not! Once upon a time AdWords (now called Google Ads) was relatively quick and simple to set up. You created an account, wrote a simple, relevant headline (25 characters) along with 2 description lines (35 characters each) and directed it to […]

Just last Friday, February 19th 2016 to be precise, Google announced a significant change to the way Ads will display in search results. From now on there will no longer be ads displayed on the right hand side. Instead, there will now be up to four ads in top positions above the natural search results […]

With vacation and holidays upon us at any moment, or for some of us maybe already (at least in thought), here are some simple budget change approaches you might want to use to get better value from your AdWords or any other PPC campaign you may be running. Increase budgets around sales days This will suit […]

There have been many requests and discussions about how to get around the lack of HTML export in Editor version 11. A small hack to get around this was shared in an earlier blog here. Fortunately Google has finally re-awakened the HTML export functionality  in its latest update to AdWords Editor. The new output is visually more advanced […]

Forgive the rant, but people need to know what can happen out there. I recently visited a potential client to discuss managing their Google Ads account. What started off as a typical story of cowboy Google Ads management not giving access or any reporting to the client, evolved into a much more intricate web of […]

Update: Google has partially fixed this issue, see latest post here. As any digital manager (for AdWords in particular understands), being able to present an AdWords account/campaign in a simple and aesthetic manner is important. Unfortunately one of the current short comings of the latest AdWords Editor Version 11 is that you can no longer […]

On April 21 (2015) Google will begin implementing a significant algorithm update (read more about it by clicking here) to test whether a website is compatible with mobile devices, that is, does the site design adapt to the size of the screen. If it doesn’t, then it is not mobile friendly. Google started playing around with this […]

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